Veterinary Services in Arizona’s East Valley

Our in-house diagnostics capabilities allow our veterinarians to provide you with your pet’s laboratory and radiograph results on the same day you see us.

We have most pet medications available in each veterinary hospital’s pharmacy to simplify filling your pet’s prescriptions. After a quick phone call, we’ll have your pet’s medication ready and priced competitively.

We take as many steps as possible to reduce anesthetic risks when your pet needs surgery.

  • Pre-Operative Blood Testing: helps ensure the body can clear anesthetic agents
  • IV Catheter: delivers medications
  • Fluids: maintains blood pressure and body temperature
  • Sevoflurane: same gas anesthesia used in human medicine
  • Anesthetic Monitoring: pulse oximeter, ECG, doppler and hands-on monitoring

We always want your pet to be comfortable and as pain-free as possible. This is especially important when your pet needs a surgical procedure. Laser reduces bleeding, pain and healing time and pain medication is administered before, during and after surgery. Pain Medication is provided to take home.

New Pet Wellness Care

When you bring your pet to one of our hospitals for the first time, please download the New Pet form and bring it along with you (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Because we care about the well-being of your pet, we will provide a Health Care Plan so you are aware of your pet’s needs and the costs involved.

For added savings regarding your pet’s medications, please visit our Online Pharmacy page and select one of our three locations to shop for your pet.




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