Meet “Scout”

Meet Scout

Meet “Scout”

Scout is a 12 year old Daschund who is dearly loved by her family. Recently, her family reported that she seemed less active and wasn’t eating as well as she normally does. As with many aging pets, the assumption was that she was “slowing down due to her age”. However, during her initial oral exam, we discovered significant tartar (mineralized bacteria) and gingivitis (inflammation of her gums) that we thought might be contributing to these recent changes at home. Once anesthetized, Scout received a thorough oral and dental exam where we noted the tartar, gingivitis and even mild gum loss in various areas of her mouth. To our surprise, we also discovered a tumor growing on the underside of her tongue!

Scouts Gross MouthScouts Gross Mouth

Although this was a big surprise to all, thankfully, we were able to identify it early and remove it completely… Phew! As you can see in her before and after photos, her teeth cleaned up WONDERFULLY, with a full complement of pearly whites to show for afterward! One week later, we received a phone call from Scout’s family describing how Scout was acting and feeling much better and much more like the younger version of herself! These are the best reports to hear, and it’s why we do what we do for our patients! By continuing to provide annual dental cleanings and oral exams, Scout’s family has added many years of health and happiness to Scout’s life… and we’re thankful to play a role in celebrating the human-animal bond that exists in this home!

Scouts Gross Mouth

We love you Scout! = )

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