It’s Heartworm Awareness Month

April is Heartworm Awareness Month, and it’s time to highlight the importance of preventing this deadly disease! Heartworms are spread through the bites of infected mosquitos, which leave larvae (baby worms) inside your pet. In less than 6 months’ time, the larvae can migrate to your pet’s heart and become foot-long adult worms! This is very serious for pets, as it can result in lung disease, heart failure, and even death.  

For these reasons, and because heartworm disease treatment is so costly and hard on your pet, it’s far better to prevent it than to fix it! We recommend and prescribe Proheart for many reasons:  

  • No more month to month chews or tablets! Proheart is a safe and painless injection (similar to a vaccine) that protects your pet from heartworms for a full 6 months at a time, making it the easiest and most “hands-off” approach to heartworm prevention.
  • At Family VetCare, we have a BOGO program (buy 1, get 1) which makes every other Proheart injection completely FREE! This program makes Proheart the most economical method for preventing these deadly worms!
  • Proheart is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer, such that if your pet develops Heartworm Disease while on the product, your pets’ full medical treatment will be 100% funded by the manufacturer. *To date, we’ve never seen product failure!

If you’d like to discuss Proheart in more detail or switch your dog to the easiest and most inexpensive method of heartworm prevention, you can do by scheduling an appointment at one of our three locations:

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