Dr. Wodiske To the Rescue!

On June 19th, Dr. Wodiske was driving to work when he was suddenly flagged down by a jogger who reported that a dog had fallen into a nearby canal and was unable to get out. When Dr. Wodiske arrived at the canal, he noticed that this poor puppy had no way out and no way to rest; he was literally swimming for his life!

With the help of two courageous citizens, Dr. Wodiske was able to construct a human ladder and grab hold of the dog’s collar to hoist him onto dry land! The dog was exhausted and scared, but relieved to be alive and finally rest! Dr. Wodiske transported the dog to the nearest Family VetCare hospital and our medical team rehydrated and refueled him with fluids and a meal. His weakened condition quickly improved, and the search was on to find his home and reunite him with his family.

We made a post on the Family VetCare Facebook Page that highlighted his adventurous and dangerous morning, and asked our Facebook family to share his story. Thankfully, his story was shared over 500 times, and amazingly enough, his owner saw the post on a work-break and called us to inform us that his name was “Zeus” and that he must have escaped the house soon after she left for work that morning. We were tremendously relieved to find his owner, and it was an incredible moment to witness the reunion!

Thank you to all of our Facebook Family who shared Zeus’s story and helped bring him home! He has fully recovered from his traumatic day, and remains happy and healthy at home today!

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