Additional Pet Services

Family VetCare offers additional elective surgical procedures as listed below. Some services may not be available at all locations.

Laser Declawing
Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix locations
Scratching on surfaces is an instinctive and normal part of cat behavior. Unfortunately, there may be circumstances that make declawing a necessary option—especially if there are medical concerns for humans in the household should they get scratched, or when pet owners are considering rehoming or even euthanizing the cat due to its destructive behavior.

We offer safe laser declaw surgery utilizing anesthesia and complete pain management protocols. A surgical laser is the most compassionate method of declawing as it minimizes pain, eliminates bleeding, and allows for faster healing.

Canine Voice Softening (Devocalization/Debarking)
Chandler and Phoenix locations
Barking is a normal part of dog behavior. However, when various training tactics prove ineffective, and pet owners are faced with HOA fines and/or challenging situations with neighbors that involve the police department (yes, this happens!), we can help.

Family VetCare offers incision-free, pain-free voice softening surgery—also known as devocalization, debarking, or ventriculocordectomy. Contrary to popular belief, this surgery is not invasive nor is it painful.  It can be performed in less than 10 minutes while under anesthesia, and we use complete pain management protocols to ensure it’s a comfortable experience for our patients. There are no incisions to care for, and healing occurs quickly and comfortably.

Voice softening surgery does just that—it softens a dog’s voice. Dogs are still able to bark, which is what they do naturally, and this is good. The surgery simply lessens the volume of the bark, which is often a win for the pet owners, the upset neighbors, and the pet!

Dr. Wodiske can answer any questions you may have regarding this procedure and can help dispel the misinformation commonly associated with the procedure.

For more information on any of our additional services, please feel free to call us at (480) 940-9494.

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